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Welcome to the new!

Saturday, Dec 20 at 6:00 p.m.

Over the past few months, we've been working around the clock to give our listeners the best interface possible, and while that isn't always easy, it is important.


Instead of just tweaking a few things here and there, we decided to just scrap our entire website and create an entirely new design.


Among some of the many changes on our website, you can now rate songs as they play in the web player. You can also request, dislike, and buy a few of our top songs on the home page sidebar.


We're not done yet. Our goal is to not stop until our listeners are satisfied with the content, appearance, and functionality of our site, and if that hasn't happened yet, we'd love to know. If you feel our site needs a change, let us know here.


If you're new to, it's best to start out by listening to our live stream. Do that by clicking here.

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Ed Sheeran - Don't


Ariana Grande / The Weeknd - Love Me Harder

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Shawn Mendes - Something Big

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